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Belotero ®

Surprise Yourself And Others

Deep skin

Holding back the years

Radiant, firm skin is a sign of inner health, yet daily stress takes its toll on how we look.

See if your skin is ready for a hydration boost:


  • Does it feel as though it has lost some firmness?
  • Are more fine lines noticeable lately?
  • Is your skin often exposed to the sun or are you a smoker?
  • Do you want to give your skin a freshness boost without making dramatic changes to your appearance?
  • Would improving your skin appearance help to complement other aesthetic treatments?

Adequate hydration is one of the essential factors in the health and beauty of your skin. There is a clearly established relationship between dehydration and ageing of the upper levels of the skin, and this process has been linked to the loss of the natural component of the skin – hyaluronic acid (HA).


Quench your skin’s thirst

Rehydration treatments help revive your complexion while improving your skin’s firmness, tone and elasticity. HA is used for wrinkle prevention as well as for active rehydration, tightening and smoothing of the skin of the face, neck, décolletage and the back of hands.

Learn more about Belotero® Hydro

Rehydration of the dermis to restore radiance and elasticity, perfect for treating the face, hands, neck and décolletage.


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