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Belotero ®

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We are all born with a natural volume of facial fat that we lose naturally over time. As the cheeks lose volume, they sag and drop from their usual position. This leads to the formation of nasolabial folds (the folds from the corners of the nose to the mouth), oral commissures (the folds just beneath the corners of the mouth), and subsequently jowls (the skin that sags beneath the jawline). These changes give the face a square appearance which contrasts with the triangular appearance of the more youthful face.

Bring back the lost volume
to your face

The excellent malleability of Belotero® Volume makes it ideal for modelling and restoring of facial volume. No matter what age you are, this treatment can be used to reverse the effects of ageing by replacing the loss of volume in your face. Belotero® Volume can be injected in different areas, such as cheekbones, cheeks, chin and temples in order to model and shape them as desired. Its powerful volumising effect and high plasticity help replace lost tissue and rebuild facial contours.


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Belotero® Volume

Replacement of lost volume and smoothing of unwanted wrinkles in the following areas: cheeks, cheekbones, chin and temples.