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Belotero ®

Don't Let Age Limit You


With advancing age, your skin undergoes a number of typical changes affecting its texture, volume and appearance.


Static lines become visible when your face is relaxed; they form as part of the natural ageing process. The quality of your skin degenerates as a result of exposure to the sun and various lifestyle factors, such as smoking, bad nutrition habits and overuse of alcohol. The skin structure weakens and lines form.

Smooth your wrinkles away!

Hyaluronic acid is used to fill and smooth out wrinkles, furrows and other suitable areas such as the nasolabial folds, lips and the contour of the mouth. The Belotero® fillers contain hyaluronic acid and offer various treatment options for every kind of wrinkle.


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Soft, Balance & Intense


Belotero® Soft, Balance and Intense integrate seamlessly into the skin allowing for immediate and smooth correction of fine to deep lines and wrinkles.


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